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Leather World Technologies

Leather Vinyl Crack Crease Finish Filler

Leather Vinyl Crack Crease Finish Filler

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Leather World Crack Crease Finish Filler

A finish grade leather filler, designed for light scratches, spider-webbing, scuff, cracks and rough areas. Has excellent feel, strength, durability and flexibility along with being very user friendly. Leather World Finish Filler can also be used on vinyl.

  • Air-Dry or Low-Heat Cured
  • Dries to cloudy clear color
  • Can be used under or mixed in with dye colorant
  • Lightly sandable with 600 grit sand paper


Note: The Crack/Crease Finish Filler will dry to a pasty white color and Dye Colorant must be applied on top to add color.

If using with Aniline Dye, filler must be tinted before applying. Once dry, the filler WILL NOT accept the Aniline Dye as the filler is not porous.