How To Select Your Color

How to Select Your Leather Dye Color 

Selecting your color can be sometimes difficult and often frustrating. However, the color is the most important part of your Leather Repair. Regardless of how well any Leather Repair is made if the color doesn’t match, your repair area will stand out. Leather World Technologies is here to give you a few tips to help you with selecting your color.

Every Manufacturer has their own set of color codes and color names that will vary between different manufacturers. With dye lots varying from each run and fading from the sun or light it may be very difficult to get a perfect match every time. You sometimes will have to blend the color out to a break in the leather so your repair area isn’t noticeable.

Leather World Technologies Furniture Colors

Unfortunately there are too many leather furniture makers for us to keep up with their ever changing color codes. The furniture colors that we offer are matched to industry standards. Please take a look at our Furniture Color Chart for all of our industry matched leather dyes.

When selecting a gloss for Leather Furniture use this as a guide to helping select the correct gloss level needed for your application:

• Low Gloss - Flat Finish
• Semi-Gloss - Slight Subtle Sheen. With the leather furniture market this is normally a safe choice.
• Gloss - High Gloss finish for repairing bonded/bycast leathers or leather that has a extremely high gloss sheen

Leather World Technologies does offer Color Matching for color samples that can be mailed in. If you do not have a leather sample at the deck tag of your furniture you can always find a small piece of leather from the bottom where it’s stapled to the frame to be mailed in. For more information on Leather World Technologies Custom Color Matching Please Click Here.

Leather World Technologies Automotive Colors

To select your correct Automotive Leather Dye start by calling your local automobile dealer. If you give the parts department your vin# they can pull up your specific automobile and give you the color name for your specific interior. If they are only able to provide a color code you can try using google to get the correct color name to match your color code. If you are unable to locate the color name please contact us and we can see if we can match it up for you. Once you have the color name you can then match it up by color name on Leather World’s Auto Leather Dye Color Chart.

When selecting a gloss for Automotive Leather Dye use this as a guide to helping select the correct gloss level needed for your application.

• Low Gloss - Very Low Sheen to Flat Finish in darker colors. This is what comes standard in most automobiles off the factory line.
• Semi-Gloss - Slight Noticeable Sheen. Over time we can buff the seats as we use them and this will create a slight sheen.
• Gloss - High Gloss finish with High Sheen.

Remember that our Automotive Leather Dyes are matched to OEM specifications so if there is fade to the leather in an older model the color will be close but may not be an exact match. Leather World Technologies is constantly updating our Automotive Leather Dyes so if you do not see your color listed, please contact us to see if we have the color available.

Leather World Technologies also offers Custom Color Matching for Automotive Leather Samples that can be mailed in. Normally if you look under the seats you can find a small sample of the leather that can be sent in for color matching.

Here are a few more ways to find the color of your automobile interior:
Go to the website and enter your VIN # (vehicle identification), click on the "search" button. This will give you the color options for your specific model.
Search for your year and model then look for the "View All Features & Specs" link. That will show you the exterior and interior colors used on you particular year and model.
Select your specific year, make and model. Then open the colors link and it will give you all the colors for that selected year.

Color Matching Limits

Unfortunately we do not offer color charts or samples of colors for matching. Color Charts vary depending on the printer used and with most colors being a blend of 4-6 colors making small samples are not an accurate representation of the color.

If your color that you order does not match you can always return or exchange it. Please contact us if you have questions about a return or exchange.