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No matter how careful drivers and passengers are, leather car seats will always experience a certain level of wear and tear over time. This wear and tear can alter the appearance of leather, making it appear damaged or faded. Any light scuffs, stains and/or scratches become highly visible and maybe even considered an eyesore to drivers and passengers. To help solve this problem, Leather World Tech provides specialty automotive leather dye based on the type of vehicle you drive. Select your vehicle make from the options below to view over 350 auto leather dye color options. Where available, you can select your colors based on the vehicle model you drive. Colors are matched to the exact manufacturer and can be blended together to match almost any color.

Leather World Tech makes it possible for you to make your leather look like new with our premium selection of automotive leather dye. Why wait any longer when you can easily give your vehicle the makeover it needs right now!

If you aren’t able to find the colors of auto leather dye you are looking for, please contact us at our Leather World Tech email or call 540-265-9037. Our color specialists will be more than happy to assist you.