Collection: Leather Dye Transfer, Ink and Stain Removal

Leather Dye Transfer, Ink & Stain Removal

Leather World Technologies offers a full line of professional grade ink, stain, and de-greaser products for restoring your leather to top condition. Once your stain problem has been resolved, we have the leather care and leather cleaning products to maintain your leather for years to come.

The leather manual contains a stain problem solving section on our Problem Solving Tips page that lists a number of common leather staining problems and the corrective action to take, including the appropriate products to use.

In general, you'll find that most of our care and stain remover products can handle Pigmented and aniline leathers. Special products are provided for nubuck/suede leathers. If you aren't sure of your leather type, consult our Identifying Leather page.

Detailed cleaning information is available on our Leather Cleaning Tips page.