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Leather/Vinyl Dye Transfer Cleaning & Protection Kit - Removes Staining and Protects

Leather/Vinyl Dye Transfer Cleaning & Protection Kit - Removes Staining and Protects

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Dye Transfer Cleaning & Protection Kit - Removes Staining and Protects

Suitable for leather type P (Protected) and coated Vinyl surfaces

Kit Includes:

8oz Leather Cleaner, 8oz Dye Transfer Cleaner, 8oz Color Prep & Cleaner, 8oz Anti-Staining Top Coat, 1 Green Scuff Pad, 1 White Scuff Pad, Foam Brush, and Foam Sponge


  • 8oz Leather Cleaner
  • 8oz Leather/Vinyl Dye Transfer Cleaner
  • 8oz Color Prep & Cleaner
  • 8oz Anti-Staining Top Coat
  • Foam Brush
  • Foam Sponge
  • 1 Green Scuff Pad for heavy stains
  • 1 White Scuff Pad for light stains

What Are Dye Transfer Stains?
Dye transfer stains occur when colors from clothing, accessories, and other textiles bleed onto leather or vinyl surfaces. These stubborn stains, often from blue jeans, printed materials, and bright fabrics, need immediate and effective treatment for removal.

How It Works:
The Leather/Vinyl Dye Transfer Cleaner is specially formulated to target and lift dye stains from leather and vinyl surfaces. It works by penetrating the surface to break down the dye molecules, making them easier to remove without damaging the material.

Ideal To Have On Hand:
This all-in-one cleaning and protection kit is perfect for urgent stain removal and long-term protection, ensuring your leather and vinyl items remain pristine and free from dye transfers. Prompt treatment prevents the setting of stains and allows for quick and easy removal.


NoteWhile this kit is effective for many dye transfer situations, some older or deeply set stains may need more intensive treatments.

STEP 1 - Clean the Area:
Clean the area/stain with Leather Cleaner and allow to dry.

STEP 2 - Apply Dye Transfer Cleaner:
Apply the Dye Transfer Cleaner to the edge of a scuff pad. Use the white scuff pad for light stains, and the green scuff pad for heavy stains.

Lightly scuff the stain in a circular motion, ensuring that the scuff pad stays saturated. Dry friction increases the chances of removing the original color.

STEP 3 - Lift Removed Dye and Neutralize Dye Transfer Cleaner:
Apply Leather Cleaner with the foam sponge to thoroughly clean off any remaining cleaner and dye residue.

For persistent or older stains, repeat the process until the stain is completely removed.

STEP 4 - Protect:
Ensure all residue from the Dye Transfer Cleaner has been removed and the surface is dry. Mist Color Prep & Cleaner and LIGHTLY scuff with a scuff pad on areas where dye transfer was not present in preparation to protect. Allow to dry.

Brush on 1-2 light coats of Anti-Staining Top Coat and allow to dry.