Leather Master Strong Cleaner

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Product Description
Strong Cleaner is a mild, water-based cleaner that can be used on most aniline and pigmented leathers. It will clean soils as well as most water based stains.

Leather Master Strong Cleaner

For all leather types including pigmented leather

Strong Cleaner is a mild, water-based cleaner that can be used on most aniline and pigmented leathers. It will clean soils as well as most water based stains.

This product is used exactly the same as the Leather Soft Cleaner, but its action is more intensive thanks to the greater concentration of active substances. The difference in this product is that it has twice the active cleaning ingredients.

It is very important that you use this in combination with a sponge and a cloth to foam the cleaner and wipe away the excess dirt. This product does not remove the finish from any leather that has the proper rub resistance standards.


Leather Strong Cleaner is similar to Leather Soft Cleaner, but it has twice the active ingredient. Leather Strong Cleaner is designed for use on stains and heavy soiling. This is a strong cleaner, so always pre-test the leather for color fastness before use.

1. Pour a small amount of Leather Strong Cleaner onto a sponge. Gently squeeze the sponge to create foam.
2. Apply the foam to the surface to be cleaned. Allow a few moments for the foam to dissolve the dirt, and then remove the foam with a clean white cloth. If your furniture is heavily soiled allow the foam to stand for 30 seconds or longer before removing it.
3. Leave to dry.
4. Once the leather is completely dry, apply Leather Protection Cream.

* Strong Cleaner can be used on sensitive leathers such as analine or nubuck, but it is not recommended as it may cause color loss. We recommend Foam Cleaner for sensitive leathers.

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    Brilliant Cleaner for leather

    Posted by Melissa Fisher on Jul 13th 2020

    Bought a leather chair and ottoman that had been abused by an angry child. It had paint and bubblegum and something sticky all over it not to mention just dirt. It took some elbow grease but it all came of including some permanent marker. The original color of the leather is a light cream so everything showed. I would recommend this cleaner.

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    Online Order

    Posted by Stefan Roos on Nov 3rd 2017

    Misleading on the website regarding free shipping

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    Brought my leather back to life

    Posted by Eric Linehan on Jan 18th 2017

    We have a music venue in North Jersey with two 8' leather benches that were starting to look tired and warn out so I called my brother in Massachusetts who owns Enviro Pro
    Cleaners he recommended your product so we went with his suggestion and we were pleasantly surprised with the strong leather cleaner and conditioning products
    We would recommend these products to anyone that has a lot of traffic sitting on their leather chairs and benches
    Kudos to all of you and your company

  • 5
    Amazing product!

    Posted by James Savage on May 9th 2016

    Used this to clean seats in my 09 Infiniti that had a bad case of blue jean colour dye transfer, as happens with light-coloured leather. Worked well beyond my expectations, quite possibly the very best leather cleaning product I've ever used, and as a car restorer I know them all!!!

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    Good Stuff!

    Posted by Cliff Matheson on Oct 28th 2015

    Works as well as possible without damaging the aniline leather in my my Ford King Ranch. Nonetheless, a lot of the cleaner has been required. I suggest buying the one liter and a foaming dispenser. Use with consistency and patience, not elbow grease and abrasion.

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    Best leather cleaner

    Posted by Lani on Oct 6th 2015

    When I ran out of Leather Master's regular cleaner I bought this strong one. I was pleasantly surprised that this even removed ink stains from the pen that's always in my husband's hand as he makes notes in his work files.