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Leather World Technologies

Tinting Toners

Tinting Toners

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Leather World Tinting Toners

Do not use on Aniline Dyed Wax Pull up, Oil Pull Up or Nubuck leathers
Do not use to tint Aniline Leather Dye

Leather World Technologies Tinting Toners come ready for use. They can be mixed with Leather World Leather Dye colorant to adjust the shade or tone of the color. They can also be used alone by mixing the tinting toners with each other to create your desired shade of color. Once you have your color mixed, you then have a ready to use dye for the application to leather or vinyl as the finishing color coat.

Leather World Tinting Toners are available in 14 standard colors and 5 different sizes to make mixing or tinting even the hardest shade of color an option for your leather repair or leather touch up. Please feel free to contact us if you need help selecting the correct tinting toners for your desired color