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Scuff Pads

Scuff Pads

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Scuff Pads

Made in USA

High quality 6" by 9" hand pads made from non-woven synthetic fibers. Similar to Scotch-Brite pads. Non-woven synthetic fiber infused with abrasive grain for surface conditioning without damage to or removal of base material. Resists loading and heat build-up. Wet/dry construction for use in a wide range of applications. Available in a variety of grades from extra heavy duty to polishing (non-abrasive) applications. Reusable and long lasting design for economical use.


These pads lightly scuff the finish allowing better adhesion. For best results use with the Color Prep & Cleaner. Apply light pressure when cleaning do not scratch the surface with the pads. Wipe clean with lint free cloth or paper towel after cleaning.

  • Use Gray or Maroon pads for cleaning and prep
  • Use Grey or White pads for Wax removal
  • Use White pads for buffing between coats