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Leather World Technologies

Leather Protection Cream

Leather Protection Cream

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Leather World Protection Cream

For all A & P leather types
Do Not Use on nubuck and suede.

Leather World Leather Protection Cream is a water-based formulation for the protection and nourishment of leather. Its advanced formulation of polymers and surfactants increases the durability and resistance against stains, spots and spills.

Protection Cream provides the nutrition necessary to renew the leather's soft and supple feel. This product brings the beauty back to your leather.


Apply the Leather Protection Cream to a soft cloth and wipe a thin layer evenly over your furniture. Pay particular attention to those areas that come into contact with the body, such as the headrests, armrests and seats. A light coat is all that is required. Allow about 30 minutes for the Leather Protection Cream to dry before using your furniture.

Aniline leather doesn't have a protective topcoat, so it is best to apply two layers of Protection Cream to all the contact areas. If you have white or very light colored leather furniture, we also recommend you apply two layers of Leather Protection Cream to the contact areas. Always allow the first layer to dry before applying a second layer. A hair drier can be used to speed up the drying process, but take care not to overheat or burn the leather.

Leather Protection Cream will need to be re-applied every 3-6 months. Before re-applying Leather Protection Cream, thoroughly clean your furniture with Leather Cleaner.

Suitable for aniline and pigmented leather.