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Leather Master

Leather Master Wax On

Leather Master Wax On

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250ml & 1ltr

This is a product made for the special needs of waxed leathers.

Wax is often applied to the surface of a leather to achieve a particular feel or effect, often looking like crinkled wax paper. Wax-On replaces the wax from the surface as it wears off.

Wearing frequently occurs on leather, making it look lighter and/or causing marks that won't rub out. The damage occurs from the wax naturally wearing off from use. Application of Wax-On can solve the challenge of making your leather look refreshed.

Shake the bottle well before using. Spray or wipe Wax-On onto the surface of the leather. For scratches, rub the product into the leather until you see the scratch darken. Dry leather with a hair dryer. The dryer will accelerate the product leaving noticeably better results. You may need to rub the mark out with your finger. If the leather has a crinkle effect, you will need to massage the leather while drying to simulate the crinkles.