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Leather Master

Leather Master Maxi Cleaning and Protection Kit - 250ml

Leather Master Maxi Cleaning and Protection Kit - 250ml

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The Leather Master Leather Care System is based on cleaning and protection, these are the regular needs required for leather.

Cleaning – eliminating dirt and removing stains for a leather sofa that is always clean and that maintains its attractive appearance.

Protection – to guarantee the original quality of the leather and to maintain a sofa that looks new even after years of use.


The Leather Master Leather Care System is based on 2 products:

Leather Master Leather Soft Cleaner

Leather Master Leather Protection Cream


The combined use of the two products guarantees the perfect cleaning of your sofas as required, plus essential leather protection. Leather Protection Cream is a water based protector for all leather types except Nubuck.

Our Leather Master Leather Care Kits contain the 2 products for taking care of your leather using the Leather Master System.


Leather Soft Cleaner will clean various types of stains and soiling from Aniline and Pigmented leather. It is a water based product that penetrates into the surface to clean without harming your leather.


Leather Protection Cream is a product which will assist in repelling staining and soiling on your Aniline and Pigmented leather. At the same time it keeps your leather soft.


Because we always recommend using Leather Protection Cream and Leather Soft Cleaner in combination, we package them together in a complete kit.

For Leather Types A & P(Cleaning Code)