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Leather Master

Leather Master Leather Filler - 60ml

Leather Master Leather Filler - 60ml

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Leather Master Leather Filler - 60ml

60ml size

Leather Filler is a water-based acrylic paste that fills out scratches, cracks, small holes in leather or any part of a grain that is missing. The adhesion of a filler is dependent on the thickness of the product; the thinner the product, the better the adhesion, the thicker the product the worse the adhesion. Dries to a pale, off white color.

You can also use Leather Filler to thicken a color repair.

 If using with Aniline Dye, filler must be tinted before applying. Once dry, the filler WILL NOT accept the Aniline Dye as the filler is not porous.