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Leather Master

Leather Master Leather Degreaser

Leather Master Leather Degreaser

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Leather Degreaser is designed to remove oil, grease, accumulated body oils and oil based stains.

Leather Master Leather Degreaser

200ml Aerosol

This product is for the removal of oil (usually from hair and skin) out of leather.

Leather Master Leather Degreaser is applied through a spray. It dissolves the oils and transforms them into a powder that is more absorbent than the leather. This powder is what is wiped off, cleaning and degreasing the leather.

A grease or oil stain that has built up gradually over several years cannot be removed in a few minutes. Your patience is necessary to complete the job. Also, stains left untreated for a long time may have caused additional challenges like loss of color, cracks in the finish, or peeling of the leather. These issues can also be resolved with products like dye colorant and aniline dye. Please read all instructions before starting your application.

*This is an aerosol product containing solvents. Use this with proper ventilation only. Please read and follow all safety precautions regarding this product.

This aerosol product must ship USPS Ground or Fedex Ground.IT CANNOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY OR TO ALASKA OR HAWAII. It is also NOT available for FREE SHIPPING. This item has a fixed shipping rate of $6.00 per bottle.

1. If the stain is confined to a small area, cover any leather that doesn't need to be treated. To do this, cut a hole approximately the size and shape of the stain in a sheet of paper and lay the paper on the leather.
2. Shake the can well.
3. Hold the can at an angle and approximately 25-30cm from the leather. Spray towards the center of the stain, feathering the product to the outside. Make sure that droplets do not fall off the tip of the nozzle onto the leather as they may cause a ring.
4. Allow the product to dry, this may take several hours. If possible, leave to dry overnight. The degreaser goes onto the leather as a liquid and turns into a powder as it reacts with the oil in the leather. If the powder is drying to a yellow color, it means that there is still a lot of oils in the leather.
5. Vacuum the area to remove the powder. Check that all the oil has been removed. Heavily saturated areas may require several applications. The powder can only absorb a fixed amount of oil per application.
6. Remove any residual powder using Leather Soft Cleaner (for nubuck, use the Nubuck Cleaning Cloth).
7. Dry the area with a hair dryer, then massage and knead the leather to prevent any rings from forming.
8. Re-protect the leather using the appropriate protection product. For type A or P leathers, apply Protection Cream. For nubuck leather, use the Nubuck Cleaner and then a Nubuck Cleaning Cloth followed by the Nubuck Protection Spray or the Nubuck Eco-Protector.

Degreaser is an aerosol based product containing solvents. Read the safety instructions and only use the product in properly ventilated areas.

Suitable for pigmented, aniline and nubuck leather.

Helpful Tip:
When possible, you will achieve better results by spraying the backside of the leather to increase the drawing out of the grease. The backside is more absorbent than the grain side.