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Leather Master

Leather Master Foam Cleaner

Leather Master Foam Cleaner

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Leather Master Foam Cleaner is a sprayable version of Leather Master Strong Cleaner.

Leather Master Foam Cleaner

13.5oz/500ml size

Foam Cleaner is a sprayable version of Strong Cleaner. It is a gentle, water-based cleaner that is similar to Soft Cleaner, but has twice the active ingredients. Foam Cleaner will remove most heavy soiling and water-based stains. We recommend Foam Cleaner for sensitive leathers, such as nubuck and aniline.

Foam Cleaner is dispensed as dense foam, similar in consistency to shaving cream. Its foamy consistency allows the product to clean effectively while minimizing the amount of moisture absorbed by the leather. The thick foam also acts as a cushion between the leather and the sponge. This protects the leather from damage and color loss.  The chemical action of the Foam Cleaner is doing all the cleaning, not the physical action of rubbing.



1. Brush up the fibers if you treat suede or nubuck

2. Shake the bottle well before using. Pretest the colorfastness on a hidden area.

3. Pump the foam on a sponge and clean the area with light circular motions.

4. Dry with a soft and clean lint-free cloth. Allow to dry for at least 2 hours. Treat with Nubuck Protector in case of suede or nubuck. For A and P types of leather, use Leather Master Protection Cream.