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Leather Dye Transfer Cleaner

Leather Dye Transfer Cleaner

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Leather Dye Transfer Cleaner

Due to Covid-19 and stock issues, this product could vary in labels and could be shipped with a Leather World Dye Transfer Cleaner label.  However you are receiving the same great product! 

Size 250ml & Liter
For Light Colored Leather Types A & P

Dye Transfer Cleaner is a specialized cleaner and stain remover designed to eliminate color and dye transfers on light types A (Aniline) and P (Protected) leathers and fabrics. The types of stains you will want to try using this product first before any other would include blue jeans transfer, newspaper print, fresh ballpoint ink, paint, shoe polish, and permanent marker. Typically, a dye or color transfer penetrates through the surface of the leather or fabric rather than remaining on top of the finish. For this reason, it is important to follow the product instructions and allow enough time for the Dye Transfer Cleaner to penetrate the surface and thoroughly clean and eliminate the color transfer.

Apply Leather Barrier or Protection Cream after the cleaning process.