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Leather Degreaser for Body Oils, Head, ArmRest Stain Removal

Leather Degreaser for Body Oils, Head, ArmRest Stain Removal

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Leather World Technologies Leather Degreaser

Suitable for leather types A (Aniline/Unprotected), P (Protected), and N (Nubuck/Suede)

Includes Leather Degreaser and Foam Brush Applicator

  • Easy to Apply Leather Degreaser
  • Foam Brush Applicator

 Experience the ultimate solution to tackle stubborn body oil stains with the Leather World Technologies Leather Degreaser. Comparable to Leather Master's Leather Degreaser, without the harsh fumes of an aerosol and no worry of overspray.

What Are Body Oil Stains? Body oil stains are dark in appearance and usually appear in areas where our skin or hair contacts the leather. Naturally, the oils from our skin and hair transfer onto the leather and without regular cleaning, will begin to accumulate. These stains are very common and can be easily removed if caught quickly.

How It Works: Our Leather Degreaser is brushed on in a liquid form and turns into a powder upon application, effectively pulling oils from the leather and capturing them in the powder. For easier cleanup, consider purchasing our water-based Leather Cleaner to remove excess powder.


  1. Dip the foam brush into the Leather Degreaser and apply a light coat to the affected area. Allow it to dry for 24 hours, during which the powder will turn yellow as it absorbs oils.
  2. Vacuum off the powder and use a water-based Leather Cleaner to remove any excess powder. Our Leather Cleaner is highly recommended to maintain compatibility and efficient cleaning. 
  3. Repeat steps until the powder no longer turns yellow, indicating that the Degreaser has removed all possible oils.

PRO TIP: For a more effective degreasing process, treat the backside of the leather if accessible.

Note: While the Leather Degreaser is highly effective, older stains may pose a greater challenge due to the set and hardened nature of the oils within the leather.