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Leather World Technologies

Colored Leather Vinyl Repair Compound Fillers

Colored Leather Vinyl Repair Compound Fillers

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Leather World Technologies offers colored Leather Fillers to be used without the need of a Dye Colorant if the Filler is a close match to your leather/vinyl. Dye Colorant is still highly recommended to be applied on top of the Filler to provide gloss and a closer color match.

  • Available in 10 colors!
  • Easy to spread and fill damaged leather/vinyl
  • Air-Dry or Low-Heat Cured
  • Can be used under or tinted with Dye Colorant
  • Filler Repair Compound can be lightly sanded with 600 grit sand paper

*The colored swatches may not reflect the true color of the Filler due to monitor differences.