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Leather World Technologies

Color Pigment

Color Pigment

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Leather World Color Pigment

Sizes 4, 8 16, & 32oz
Pigments must be mixed with Base or Versa Coat

Our pigments are manufactured by an ISO 9001/2000 certified chemical manufacturer who is among the best in the industry with a strong reputation for producing high quality chemicals in a very consistent manner.

The solvent-free pigments are an aqueous dispersion of selected high quality organic and inorganic pigments of extremely micro-fine particle sizes, indicative of their extremely high tentorial strength and color clarity. They are low viscosity liquids with excellent shelf life stability that can be easily handled, measured and poured. Due to the well balanced properties of these pigments, the natural characteristic of the leather is maintained.

Other outstanding properties of our Leather World Pigments:

  • Good dispersion
  • Brilliant color
  • Excellent coverage
  • Light and migration fastness
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Excellent compatibility with all types of aqueous binders

Pigments must be used with Base or Versa Coat.

Versa Coat: Mix up to 10% of pigment to coating.
Base Coat: Mix up to 20% of pigment to base coat and then apply a top coat.