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Color Matched Aniline Dye

Color Matched Aniline Dye

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Leather World Technologies is now pleased to offer Silver-Ion Antimicrobial Product Protection into our Standard Formula coatings.  When infused into Leather World's coatings, it provides 24/7 Antimicrobial Protection, lasting the life of the coating.  Your coating will be protected against 99.9% of all bacteria, mildew and mold, creating a surface that will not allow growth.  
Just select your dye size from the option menu to have it added into your coating.

Color Matched Aniline Dye

Having trouble finding your color? We can make a custom color for you! Here are a couple of options to get a custom match:

Option 1 -Fill out our Color Matching Form and mail it with a 1" x 1" or larger swatch of your leather or vinyl. When we receive the sample, a leather expert will contact you and discuss your repair and help you place the order.

Option 2 - Pre-order the products from the website and and then mail in the Color Matching Form with your leather sample. We will begin putting your order together. Once we receive the sample, we will quickly mix and match the leather dye using your sample. Including the online order number on the form, we can match the sample with the order placed online. If we have any questions about your order, we will contact you immediately so that we can send your order on its way.

We can also match to a paint sample card if no leather can be obtained.

Water-Based Dye for Aniline Leather
Do not use on Semi-Aniline or Aniline Leather with a wax finish without first removing the protective coating or wax.

Leather World Technologies Custom Matched Aniline Leather Dyes have excellent color brightness, clarity and transparency. Our Aniline Leather Dye is formulated to enhance the color of the leather and allow for you to see the natural graining and markings in your leather. These aniline dyes are designed to restore color and sheen to your worn or sun faded aniline leather without changing the feel.

Leather World Technologies recommends a light coat once a year to maintain superior color brightness. We also recommend that you condition your aniline leather 1-2 times per year to maintain the proper moisture level in in your leather to maintain softness, feel, flexibility, and color brightness.

Please click here to print the form that MUST be sent in after your order. Make sure to include your order number in the description section of the color matching form to expedite the order when we receive your leather sample.


Directions (Aniline Leather): Clean Leather. Pre-test color in an inconspicuous area. Using a sponge or a lint free cloth, wipe on 2-4 light coats of the Aniline Leather Dye in a light circular motion. The dye will absorb into the leather and mix and react with what color is currently there. You will want to allow the leather to dry in between each coat of Aniline Dye which is approximately 1 hour. Once you get the final coat of dye on then allow 24 hours of dry time before use. Then apply Protection Cream or Hydrating Cream to the finished leather.

Directions (Nubuck / Suede Leather): Spray light coats and brush dye into leather. Apply Nubuck Protectant after recoloring.

Do not use on Semi-Aniline or Aniline Leather with a wax finish.

Helpful Tips:

  • If there is staining present in the leather, re-coloring may blend it out or it could make the stain more prevalent.
  • Removing staining prior to re-coloring will allow for the finishing coat to be more of an even color.
  • In Leather that has reached the severe fade level or has become dry, we recommend mixing the Hydrating Cream with the Aniline Dye and applying these products together.
  • If you have a different type of staining other than oils then please contact us to discuss possible cleaning solutions.