Collection: Leather Application Guides

Leather Repair Application Guides

This collection of application guides highlight specific areas within leather repair, leather cleaning, leather care and leather recoloring and dyeing along with the appropriate products and techniques to solve problems within these subject areas. Typically the first step is to identify the type of leather. Our leather identification guide or one of our technicians can help you identify your leather type.

For interior leathers, whether car or furniture, the dominant leather finish is a pigmented leather consisting of a layer of dye on the surface of the leather that is opaque yet still lets the grain show through. A Pigmented finish repels water. On higher end furniture, and occasionally in auto, a natural or aniline finish is found. This dye finish has the qualities of a true stain as it absorbs into the material to impart its color and allows the natural texture and imperfections of leather to show through in addition to the grain. Aniline finishes absorb water.

Nubuck and suede finishes typically show up in apparel applications and require their own class of products and techniques

Oiled leather finishes may be found on items such as outer wear that is exposed to the elements and must repel moisture.

Waxed leather is specialty finish type that may show up in some cases, such as boardroom furniture.

Our guides and advice can help you bring the right products and methods to bear on all your leather issues!