Suede Nubuck Care

Suede Nubuck Care: Cleaning and Caring For Suede

The surface of Suede and Nubuck leather has no protective barrier to protect it. As a result these leathers are very prone to soiling and staining.

Protecting Against Leather Soiling & Stains

The best way to protect your leather is to establish a barrier against problems. For maximum protection of nubuck and suede leathers, use a Nubuck protectant that provides protection from soiling and staining. The protectant should be applied every six months under normal conditions.

Scuffing or Flattened Nubuck & Suede

Nubuck and Suede leathers are very susceptible to scuffing or becoming flattened with wear. Simply brushing the material, using a circular motion, with a Nubuck sponge/brush or Nubuck cloth (such as those offered by Leather World here) may impart new life to the leather.

Light Soiling & Routine Cleaning

Light soiling and dried stains can often be removed with Nubuck cloth or Nubuck sponge/brush (such as those offered by Leather World here). Gently rub the affected area and brush the napp with a Nubuck sponge/brush. Alternatively, a liquid nubuck cleaner may be used for routine soiling as well as deep and heavy soiling. After the leather has dried groom the leather with the nubuck sponge or cloth.

Body Oils

Body oils often accumulate on Nubuck and Suede items, particularly around the collars of apparel items and headrests of upholstery. In light cases, a Nubuck cloth alone may be effective. In more serious cases use leather degreaser followed by leather cleaner. After the leather has dried, groom it with a nubuck cloth or nubuck sponge.

Grease, Butter, & Heavy Oil Stains

The first step is to clear the stain of any excess grease or oil with a clean, dry cloth. Never use water to clean such stains. It merely spreads the stain or embeds it deeper in the material. Finally, use a quality degreaser, such as one available from After using the degreaser, clean the area with Nubuck cleaner and then apply Nubuck protector. Use a Nubuck sponge/brush to raise the nap of the leather.

Ink Stains & Spills

Ink stains can be very difficult to remove from Nubuck or Suede leather. Use Leather Master Ink Lifter within the first 6 hours to remove the ink Stain . Blot spills immediately with a clean cloth. If needed, use leather cleaner and a clean cloth to wipe the spill. The cloth should be moist and free of excess water. Dry using a blow dryer while brushing the affected area with a Nubuck sponge/brush.