Starter Kit with Color Pigments

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Product Description

Leather World Starter Kit with Color Pigments

This is the ultimate starter kit for any beginner embarking in the leather/vinyl repair market.

Kit includes:

  • Leather World Training Manual
  • Color Pigments Starter Pack
  • Scales
  • 64oz Low Gloss Versa Coat
  • 32oz High Gloss Versa Coat
  • 8oz Base Coat
  • 8oz Top Coat
  • 8oz Top Coat Gloss
  • 32oz Color Prep & Cleaner
  • 8oz Plastic Primer
  • 2oz Leather Filler
  • 2oz Finish filler
  • 2oz Vinyl Filler
  • 4 oz Grain Mold Compound
  • 4oz WB-1 Adhesive
  • 2oz Crosslinker 100
  • Teflon Mat
  • Spatula
  • Mixing Cups
  • Backing Paper
  • Heating Tool
  • Scuff Pads
  • 1pk Buffing Cloths
  • Sandpaper Assortment
  • Popular Automotive and Furniture Color Formulas