Leather / Vinyl Dye Transfer Cleaner

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Product Description

Leather World Technologies Leather/Vinyl Dye Transfer Cleaner

Available in 8oz or 32oz sizes


Color transfer stains are caused by a dye or color in one item not being properly set in the fabric or specific material, and then transferring onto another dyed surface. This is very common on light colored leathers, especially blue jean transfer stains from where we rub on the leather. Other clothing items such as hats may also transfer color onto leather.


Leather World Technologies Leather/Vinyl Dye Transfer Cleaner is designed to remove color transfer stains from leather and vinyl automotive interiors as well as leather furniture. Our Dye Transfer Cleaner can also be used on leather accessories such as handbags. The Dye Transfer Cleaner is a specially designed remover that eliminates dye and other color transfer stains that have soaked into the surface. We recommend using our Leather Cleaner beforehand to clean the area and allow the Dye Transfer Cleaner to work fully. It may take several applications of Dye Transfer Cleaner to fully remove the color stain, depending on how long the stain has set. 



  1. Shake well before use
  2. Pour Dye Transfer Cleaner on lint-free cloth
  3. Wipe gently on leather
  4. Repeat cleaning procedure, if necessary
  5. Rinse area with warm water and pat dry 

Dye Transfer Cleaner is compatible with both A and P leather types. 


To lessen the chance of further color transfer, we recommend applying Leather Master's Leather Barrier on light colored leather. Do not use Leather Barrier on darker colored leathers.