Leather / Vinyl Dye Transfer Anti-Staining Top Coat

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Product Description

Leather Dye Transfer Anti-Staining Top Coat

Do not use on Aniline Dyed Wax Pull up, Oil Pull Up or Nubuck leathers

Only for use on light colored leathers

Do you have a new car or furniture set with a lighter leather color? Are you working on restoring the color to already stained leather from Dye Transfer? If so, you NEED this product.     

Leather World Technologies Leather Dye Transfer Anti-Staining Top Coat is a must in protecting your leather against dye transfer from Blue Jeans, Leather Belts, Leather Jackets and many other items.  This Top Coat is not designed to change the appearance of the leather, just coating the surface with the best protective coating on the market. 

Water-based transparent coating for top-coated (pigmented) leather and vinyl dyes.

Simply apply 1-2 light coats of Leather Dye Transfer Anti-Staining Top Coat over the leather allowing each coat to dry.  Once dry your leather will be protected and very easily cleanable if and when the time comes.



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    Awesome product

    Posted by Ethan Zuk on Dec 31st 2019

    WOW, I was not expecting to be this impressed by a top coat. I am redying some new leather seats for my car. I first bought some cheap top coat on Amazon that did not work at all. Then I emailed these guys who were so helpful and responsive, answering all my questions and recommending this product. This is a direct upgrade to their regular top coat, with Anti-Staining resistance. They recommend it for light colors like the beige I'm working with. I haven't had to test that yet but my seats have been moved around a lot in the basement for the past two weeks and haven't been scuffed at all. Let me say, this product is THICK AS HELL and goes on like a garden hose, yet doesn't need to be thinned for HVLP spraying. It goes on consistently with great coverage yet you barely use any product. Actually, I used all of 16 oz of dye for my seats, and only about HALF of the 8 oz of this product I bought. Its odorless. It doesn't affect the dye at all, what you see before is what you see when it dries. In fact, a couple pieces I didn't even remember if I sealed, by the look of them, but I was able to tell I because of the feel. I didn't believe it at first when they say it changes the feel of the leather but it literally feels like I added additional cushion stuffing to my seats after sealing them with this product. Really cannot say enough good things about this, worth every penny.