Leather Master Soft Remover - 250ml

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Product Description

Leather Master Soft Remover - 250ml

250ml size

Soft Remover is a solvent-based cleaner and a mild remover for all leather types.

Excellent for removal of sticky tape residue or to clean and remove soil in preparation for repair or refinishing.

Pre-test before use. May cause clouding on pigmented leathers.

Pretest on a hidden area for color fastness prior to use. May cause clouding of finish on pigmented leathers. Apply Soft Remover to a lint-free cloth and lightly rub the surface.

Pay close attention to see if you are removing the stain and not the color as well. If the color is being removed, immediately stop use of the product.

Once the Soft Remover evaporates completely, apply Leather Protection Cream.