Leather Master Leather Odor Remover

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Leather Master Leather Odor Remover

Size 200ml

Leather Master Odour Remover eliminates bad smells from all types of leather. It is not a perfume but a true odour neutralizer.


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    Leather Odour Remover

    Posted by Jessica Tibbetts on Nov 18th 2021

    IT WORKS!!! This saved my leather couch and a cat's ability to live indoors!!! Good for the couch and for the cat. I was skeptical, but now, I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

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    Did the job!

    Posted by Dawn Payne on Jul 6th 2021

    Our leather couch was urinated on immensely! I was worried we would need to replace it or somehow learn to live with the odor. This product completely elininated it. This includes getting close to the couch to smell. Thank you

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    Leather odor remover

    Posted by Elva Rodriguez on Jan 21st 2021

    works great, used on my purses and it did the job.

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    This stuff works! Removed the bad odor from a used leather purse

    Posted by Elle R on Sep 18th 2020

    This stuff works! I am so happy! I bought a used vintage leather purse off of eBay and the seller wrote that the bag had no odor. But when I got the purse in the mail it smelled awful. I loved the design of the purse and wanted to save it instead of getting a refund. I searched through the internet and tried every method to get rid of the smell: vinegar spray, airing the purse outdoors, baking soda, gel silica packets, moisture absorbers. Nothing worked at all until I took a chance on this stuff. As soon as I used it, the smell was disappearing. After using almost the entire bottle in one sitting, the horrible smell is gone. Now I can enjoy my purse!

    If you’re working with a leather item that's bigger than a purse, like a leather coat for instance, I’d buy two bottles.

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    No leather drycleaners.

    Posted by Suzanne Wines on Feb 12th 2019

    Can I repeat the treatment with the odor remover.. There isn't any dry cleaners with 90 miles that dry clean leather. Ive used the leather master once than then set it outside

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    unexpected shipping fees, be aware!

    Posted by Martin Loubier on Sep 13th 2018

    The product is good, it make the job ! But, I paid very expensive shipping fees when I bought the item and like it was not enought, I received (unexpectedly) a second bill from FedEx 2 weeks after I received it!! item was 25$ and 35$ of shipping fees!!