Leather Master Ink Lifter 8 Gram

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Product Description
An easy to use product for the removal of ink and lipstick from protected leathers.

Leather Master Ink Lifter 8 Gram

An easy to use product for the removal of ink and lipstick from protected leathers.


This works best with the use of Protection Cream on the leather first. Ink Lifter is designed for removal of recent (24-36 hours) ink marks on protected leather. This will not remove permanent markers from leather. This product is non-toxic and bio-degradable.


Pretest the leather to insure colorfastness in a hidden area. Rub the product directly on the mark a few times or until you start to see the ink dissolve.

Allow the product to sit for 15-30 seconds and wipe the ink and product away with a soft, clean, white cloth. You may rub the product into the ink mark with your finger to make the product penetrate better into the stain.

It may be necessary to repeat this process.

After removal of the ink, clean the area with Leather Master Soft Cleaner and allow to dry. As a final step, apply Leather Master Protection Cream.

Helpful Tip:
If used on Aniline (Type A) leather, this product may cause a dark spot. This will dissipate in 1 - 2 days. A ballpoint mark may fade somewhat or be removed completely.

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    highly skeptical, but it worked wonderfully

    Posted by Ray Butarbutar on Jul 16th 2021

    I was clumsy and drew a line down my Yves Saint Laurent leather bag. It drove me crazy, and I was desperate, so I tried this. The ink was 1.5 week old, but was able to get most of it out on my first try! The ink lifted and was picked up by my rag. Make sure you follow the instruction & follow up with a leather conditioner (I used coach brand conditioner). And let it sit for 1-2 days to make sure it returns back to its patina. I'm very happy. Thank you!

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    Ink on leather

    Posted by Harriet on Mar 29th 2021

    My granddaughter doodled with blue pen on my leathercouch. It was cute. But after 2 applications of ink lifter it is barely visible I have to say I am quite surprised. Thank you so much.

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    Ink Lifter

    Posted by Ken Kosanda on Feb 10th 2021

    It worked on 1 month old ink on leather!

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    Works great!

    Posted by Juli on Jan 9th 2020

    This site and products are amazing. I bought several after discovering huge area on my leather chair covered with pen drawings. Descriptions of products are spot on - this small pen will work wonders on smaller recent ink stains. My stain was at least several weeks old, huge and deep - first application lifted blue color and left it looking purple. Applied again and again till it stopped lifting color. After that I went for heavier - Ink Killer - product. But this thing is VERY HANDY to keep at home where kids run. It's petroleum jelly-like substance, covers a lot. No smell, does not remove color of leather.

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    Production Manager

    Posted by Salvador Plascencia on May 21st 2018

    Great customer service-delivered timely manner

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    Leather Master Ink Lifter

    Posted by DeeO on Mar 11th 2018

    This stuff really works on permanent marker. Economical too & a little goes a long way. Be sure to follow directions and you will be satisfied with the results.